Amazon introduces its long waited Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon introduced its Fire Phone yesterday, and announced some amazing offers along with the phone purchase. It’s been a long time, the rumor was going on about Amazon Smartphone. Finally, Amazon has started taking orders, and will start shipping from 25th July. The phone doesn’t have Android OS as it was rumored, but the Fire OS 3.5.0 that seems like based on Android OS concept but doesn’t come along with the Google services.

As it was rumored to be a glass-free 3D smartphone, it’s not like the same 3D where pictures or videos pop out the screen, but display has depth. It looks deep inside that makes you fee like you are there. Amazon Fire Phone has four dynamic perspective sensor at the front of the phone which responds according to your move. For ex: If you are playing a game, can take the game’s character viewpoint, and can move your head to view obstacles, corners and other objects OR  you can simply tilt the phone to scroll down when surfing internet, you don’t even need to touch the display.

Amazon has proved with the launch of Fire Phone that Amazon has not left behind in terms of smartphone technology. Amazon Fire Phone has Firefly Technology that can identify texts even from the posters, business cards and magazines, and you can use it to make calls, send emails and so on. You can also put the camera on a book, movies or TV shows, and Amazon will find it for you from Amazon Store, and you can purchase it.

Amazon Fire Phone in hand

How about the Mayday? Some of us haven’t even heard of this word. Amazon is ready to provide 24X7 support for its Fire Phone, and hitting the Mayday button on Amazon Fire Phone will give you an Amazon Expert to help you with your concern, and you don’t have to wait for this. You will get help within 15 seconds. You will be able to see them as they will appear on a video window, but they can not see you. The amazon expert will draw a line (like graph) on your phone to guide you the process, so that you can help yourself OR can do the same for you if you feel uncomfortable.

The offers amazon have with the Fire phone purchase for limited time:

1000 coins ($10 value) for apps and games purchase.

Free Amazon Prime Membership for a year. If you are an existing primer member, they will extend it for one year.

Free Unlimited Cloud Storage for your photos taken from Amazon Fire Phone.


Amazon Fire Phone (32GB storage) can be purchased for $199 signing a contract for two years with AT & T. If you want a contract-free smartphone, you will have to pay as high as $649 for 32GB phone. Amazon Fire Phone is also available with 64GB storage, but will cost you additional $100.

Amazon Fire Phone side view

Technical Specifications

Amazon Fire Phone incorporates a 4.7 inches HD LCD display with 1280 x 720 resolution at 315 ppi. It’s not really a phablet, and the users fond of big display are not really going to but, but the tech lovers would buy it because it’s equipped with latest technology and great hardware configuration.

Amazon Fire Phone has a 13 megapixels primary and 2.1 megapixels front camera, and you can record the video with 1080 pixels resolution with both the camera.  Its primary camera can even leave Samsung Galaxy S5 and other smartphones behind in terms of some shots as it is also equipped with optical image stabilization(OIS), f/2.0 5-element wide aperture lens.

I already told about the Operating system as it has Fire OS 3.5.0, and the other technical specs are also great. Amazon Fire Phone is equipped with Snapdragon 800 chipset2.2 GHz Quad-core processor, Adreno 330 Graphics and 2GB RAM. 

As far as storage is concerned, users have the option to choose either 32GB or 64GB storage, but remember there is no card slot to expand the memory. By the way, 32/64 GB is enough for a smartphone.

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