Aliexpress Review, Is Aliexpress safe to shop online, the difference between Aliexpress and Alibaba

AliExpress is one of the most popular online shopping website where you can buy almost anything you want, whether it’s garments  or electronic items. However, many users don’t shop on Aliexpress, because they are more concerned about security. How about Alibaba? Those who trust Alibaba, they trust Aliexpress as well.

What is the different between AliExpress and Alibaba

Alibabab Wholeseller

Aliexpress and Alibaba both are run by the same owner, but there is little difference. Alibaba is not a retail online store, and they have clearly mentioned on their website. The pricing for any item on Alibaba is mentioned as “$X to $Y,” and it depends on how many pieces you want to order. If you are willing to order more pieces, you can get the best deal. Have a look at the below screenshot where there are 2 suppliers, one of them doesn’t accept the order for less than 10 pieces, and one of them can deliver even one unit. So you can still order one piece, but you need to find such suppliers.

Alibaba Review

Aliexpress is a retail website, and the pricing for the same item on Aliexpress could be little higher compared to Alibaba. All the suppliers on Aliexpress deliver one or more units, even it’s a 1 dollar item.

Aliexpress Delivers Around The World

Aliexpress doesn’t have a separate shopping website for each country, like Amazon or eBay. They deliver everywhere, so it doesn’t matter whether you stay in United States or China, you can order an item on Aliexpress.

Free and Paid Delivery for International Buyers

If you want to order an item that is sold for $2 on Aliexpress, e.g. Smartphone Case, it’s going to cost you so much if you choose to go for premium/paid delivery option. So they deliver most of the items for free, provided that you choose to get delivered by Standard Post. Standard post usually take long time, and it varies depending on the country you are ordering from. For example, It usually takes a month to deliver item if you are placing order from India. If you need any item urgently, I would not advice to order from Aliexpress or Alibaba.

What if Item is lost on its way, or I don’t receive it

When an item is shipped, you get purchase protection for a certain period, it could be for 45 days, 60 days or even more. You are given a tracking number so that you can track your item online. If you don’t receive the item, contact supplier to find a solution. You can chat with supplier right from Aliexpress website. If supplier fails to resolve the issue, Open a Dispute. You will get the full refund sent to your Card or Bank. Do you need more information on Purchase Protection and Refund?

Why items on Aliexpress is cheap compared to other websites

Most of the items are shipped from China, and we already know that cost of manufacturing in China is very low compared to any other country.  That’s the primary reason almost all the Smartphones and electronic items are manufactured and/or assembled in China, including iPhone. There are many manufacturers who sell item directly to Consumers via Aliexpress. So it also makes it cheaper. So buying an item at cheap price doesn’t always mean that you are buying a fake/duplicate item. If it even happens to you, open a dispute immediately on Aliexpress, and you will get refund. So you should never confirm that you have received the item unless you check it properly.

Is Aliexpress Safe to Shop Online

What is 100% safe and secure these days? Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, eBay, and there are many websites that went vulnerable in the past. However, Aliexpress is as secure as other shopping websites, like Amazon or eBay.  If you find any vulnerability in Aliexpress or Alibaba Websites, you can report here. You can get more information on Safety and Security here.

How do I Add or Delete Payment Information/Credit Card from Aliexpress

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