What is Airplane Mode on Smartphone, and When It is Useful

AirPlane Mode

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What is Airplane Mode?

These days Smartphones and tablets come with Airplane mode, and it allows to disable some features on the device. When Air Plane Mode is on, it disables WiFi, Cellular Network as well as Bluetooth, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use bluetooth or WiFi in AirPlane Mode. We will tell later how it can be done. Airplane mode is also known as Flight Mode, Aeroplane Mode, Offline Mode and Standalone Mode.

How to turn on or off AirPlane Mode on an iPhone ?

Turning on/off Airplane mode on iPhone is very easy. Simply swipe towards up from the bottom of the iPhone’s screen. You will see a small window with many options, tap Airplane mode to turn on/off. Once you enable it, WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular Network will be disabled.

There is one more option to enable Airplane mode on iPhone. You can simply go to iPhone’s Settings, and the first option in Settings is Airplane mode that you can enable or disable.

How to turn on/off Flight or Airplane mode on Android Devices

Depending on your customization Airplane mode can be turned on or off from by Swiping from the top of the screen towards down (from notification center). If you don’t see Airplane icon there, Go to your Phone’s settings, tap on More or More Network options under Network Settings, and enable/disable Flight or Airplane mode. The option may be located at slightly different place depending on the device or brand you are using.

When should I use Airplane mode?

Airplane mode can be used anywhere you want, but you are recommended to use Airplane mode or turn off the device at some certain places, like Flight. Your phone may disturb other passengers if it rings.

When Airplane mode is enabled, Cellular Network, WiFi and Bluetooth will stop working. So why should someone bother to turn on Airplane mode when you can simply turn off the device. There could be various reasons behind this;

When the Airplane mode is turned on, you can still play video, music, and those games that don’t require internet connection. You can also make note, and do anything that don’t have any connection with WiFi, Cellular Network or Bluetooth.

How to use WiFi and Bluetooth in AirPlane Mode on Android and iPhone?

Even after turning on Airplane or Flight mode, you can still use WiFi and Bluetooth. All you need to do is, Turn on Airplane mode on your device, and then go to WiFi and Bluetooth options and turn them on manually. Cellular network will still be disabled, but now you can use WiFi and Bluetooth. Here is the screenshot from an iPhone and an Android Phone.

AirPlane iPhone

AirPlane Android

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