How to Display Different Ads on Mobile and Desktop If Your Blog is on WordPress Platform

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Many times we get confused how to manage advertisement banners on the blog, especially when you are not using 2 different themes for Desktop and Mobile Devices. Most of the bloggers who are using WordPress Content Management System rely on responsive WordPress Themes that adjust their layout according to the device. However, it’s not about theme only, but also ads. If you are using Google Adsense Ads, you can use Responsive Ads that will change their size automatically depending on the device. However, if you are not using Adsense, then you may destroy your blog’s layout because of the ad banner.

For example, you want to serve a 728X90 sized banner on the top (header) of the web page, but this size will make your blog look awkward on Mobile devices. So You can use 728X90 for desktop, and do something to replace this banner automatically with 320×50 or other sized banners when users browse your website via a smartphone or tablet. You can even choose to serve 3 types of Ad Banners at the same place that will be served automatically identifying Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. So how do we do this on WordPress without using any separate theme?

How to Use Different Sized Ad Banners for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet on WordPress Blog, and make them Switch Automatically?

  • Add this new plugin (Ad Inserter) to your WordPress Blog, and activate it.

Ad Inserter

  • Now click on Settings option, and then click Ad Inserter option. This plugin allows managing 16 ad banners.
  • Now select Simple Editor option if you are not good with PHP and Paste the Ad Tag in the provided field.

different ads on Mobile Devices and Desktop

  • Now select Devices option, and select the devices where the ad should be displayed. For example, if you are using a 728X90 banner, you should select Desktop only. So when a user visits your website via a Mobile Device this Ad will not appear.
  • Click on Manual option to get the shortcode. Now you can use this shortcode in the header or anywhere you want to display the ad.
  • After you are done setting up Ad for Desktop, Select the Number option on the top, and then follow the same process to set Ad Tag for mobile devices. This time, you need to select Phone or Tablet and paste the shortcode in the same place where you pasted the previous shortcode. This way, it will automatically serve the desired banner on mobile phones.

Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin provides many other customization options that you can enjoy for free. If it helped you, please share this article to help others.