Add 3D effects to Photo : Paid app goes free for iOS

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Matter add 3d effect to photos for free

Now you can add 3D objects to your photo on iOS, and it comes for free. The premium photo editing app “Matter” has gone free for iOS devices. It usually costs $ 1.99. So you have the chance to save this amount for a limited time. You an download now “Matter – Add 3D Objects to Your Photos.”

This app will allow you to add 3D effects to your photos showing the real time reflections and shadows. You can choose from many 3D objects, like architectural style or geometric shapes. After adding the object, you can choose visual style that can help you to make the photo opaque, reflective, translucent or refractive. Once you are done editing your photos, this can be downloaded as video loop or photo.

It doesn’t only add the objects or visual style, but you can also allows you erase portion of the shadow or model to make them look perfect. You can use video export option to get the animated loops of the object spinning, pulsing or hovering, and can also adjust the direction or rotation speed.

Like other photo editing app, this app also provide some addition styles and effects that are not free. You need to pay to get additional feature. However, that features are always paid whether the app is free or not, but this time you have the opportunity to get the app free and save $ 1.99.