A visual guide to social media etiquette

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social media etiquette

Life without the etiquette seems to be clumsy. We are known by our behavior and then people consider whether we are a good person or bad. Children learn from their elders’ etiquette.

Well, etiquette is not only related to our physical appearance and the way we behave with others, but sometimes etiquette can also help us and our business to grow. Internet is used in the each and every corner of the world, and it is a great medium to promote our business and ourselves, but we need to learn the right way to do so. We can not just post something and sit back assuming that people will appreciate us or will buy our products.

Today, I am going to share the etiquette that we should follow while using social media network. If you do so, will be able to make a good impact on users. Let’s have a look over the below visual guide:


** This infographic is not the property of Techno Trigger and has all sources mentioned on it.