A guide about using an Android phone as a security camera

Security is a vital aspect in any house, business or garage. The problem is to install a video surveillance system that can be beyond budget of many people. Instead, a mobile with Android operating system is something that can be purchased in stores that are even below 100 euros. In this tutorial we will explain how an Android phone can be used as a security camera.

All you need to follow the below steps, along with your Android mobile phone but make sure the Internet is configured on the phone. It is recommended to use a free WiFi. We connect the mobile phone to our router to be in constant communication with the network. Fulfilling this simple requirement we can start with the tutorial.

The first thing to do is download a free app called “IP Webcam.” This is an application with good reviews from users, and we can download it from this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pas.webcam.

Once you have downloaded the application will proceed to open it by clicking on the icon of the application on your phone. We will see that it will display a wide screen with different options; we slide the screen down until we find an option called “Start Server.”

Tap on “Start Server” now. Once you do that, it opens a screen showing the camera lens and also in the upper left side there is an option with the name “How do I connect?”

Tap on “how do I connect” and you will get some options. You can tap on ” I’m using a Wi-Fi router.”

Once you tap on that option, it will open a small popup indicating all steps to display the contents of our mobile camera from the computer.

We must open the browser on the computer and enter the address in the address bar of the browser that is specified in the application.

ip webcam

ip webcam with video

After entering the address into the browser of your computer, it will show you page with many options related to security camera that are configured. You need to click on the button “Flash” under the “Video render” section (appears at the top of the screen) to start viewing our mobile camera from the computer.

Now it’s done. Simply learn more about the application to discover other options such as, the recorded images. We are really facing a very useful application for anyone who wants to have a small video surveillance system without buying a camera for professional security.

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