8 most common ways Smart-watch put your life at ease


Yet it is not something that everyone knows, but gradually smartwatches are making their entry into society, in stores, and the wishes of many Android users. I’ll share you below 10 uses of your smartwatch.

1. Answer calls and messages while driving

Mind you, I do not recommend the danger involve in it. If your smart watch has microphone, you can answer your calls using it, with the assurance that you are not using your Smartphone and tap the watch to answer, talk and hang. Many cars already include integrated hands-free, so to speak pick from the watch due to hands free car.

In turn, because of voice commands, you can answer text messages, but not with the efficiency of typing, since the detection of words is not 100% accurate and still need some debugging, but I think it’s great that either possible.

2. Monitor your activity

If you like to walk, do some continuous running or cycling, you can see calories, time and distance via your Smart-watch.

You can quantify the heart rate; you’ll know how fast or slow your heart beats.

3. Make payments in shops

It is possible that with the arrival of Apple Watch the smartwatch earned fame. Due to the NFC chip some devices like the LG Watch Urbane LTE have, we can make payment; if the store where we did necessary shopping, supports these payments.

4. Cheating in class

It’s rare if someone has never made a cheating to pass an examination, either by scratching the typical Bic pen, with a note on the case or writing something on the arm while wearing long sleeves.

However, with Smart-watch you can do cheating during your exams because they are still not famous, and many teachers can’t detect.

5. Airplane boarding card

Currently, boarding passes as SMS or email are widespread, many have seen or used; the system in which the smartphone scan the code and allow you to access the aircraft. That same code samples in the smartphone you can see on smartwatch, but without removing your cell phone from your pocket.

6. Control your music from your smart-watch

If you have music on your smartphone, and this is in the pocket and headphones in your ears, it means that you are enjoying a song, or as I say, great song. However, while the song ends and appears “Next” Symbol that makes you too lazy to listen and move to the next song; then nothing better than using your smartwatch, because if it’s synchronized via Bluetooth, you can change the song directly from it in a jiffy without removing the phone from your pocket.

7. Shopping List

This is one of the things that often we can do with our smartwatch (apart from looking at the time). You can arrange your shopping list using your smartwatch.

There’re various applications that help you creating your shopping list on your watch; with the help of these apps you can cross one by one the products you’re buying without being with paper and pen in hand.

8. Save smartphone battery

There’re many options in the smartwatch, like changing the music, respond to various notifications and others, helps you not to take smartphone out of your pocket; however your phone screen doesn’t use much that is a major cause of consuming battery.

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