7 Top Marketing Automation Tools

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There are many Marketing Automation tools that you can utilize, but if you want to achieve your target, you need to use the right tool that fits your need.

Many tools out there claim to make it easier to automate your marketing strategy, but not all of them are worth even a single try. It’s important to know the best software that will work for your business.

Let’s learn about some treating marketing tools that Small Business owners can benefit from.

Marketing Automation

What Is A Marketing Automation Tool?

Marketing automation tools are part of a larger software marketing platform. They allow you to set up automatic sequences of operations for a range of tasks. This is why automation capabilities are needed. They take on repetitive tasks to save employees time and effort.

Marketing automation is mainly based on email advertising campaigns, but it is also associated with an abundance of social media ads and SMS marketing.

Marketing Automation Software Benefits

Let’s look at the benefits of automation marketing tools.

Marketing and sales alignment

If you combine your sales and marketing automation efforts using the same software, you can align the goals and efforts of the company. In essence, it will greatly simplify the process of transitioning from qualified marketing lead to a qualified sales lead.

Plus, automation can also help you attract more leads and increase your sales. Your marketing team will spend more time developing a conversion rate strategy, while your sales team will increase productivity.

Analytics and reporting

Reporting your analytics may seem like a daunting task, but with marketing automation platforms, it isn’t necessary. You should be able to use your software to generate automated reports.

In addition, you will get an overview of your process as a whole. This will help you see complications and friction points. With accurate and optimized reports, you can see where something is going wrong.

Improved ROI

Marketing automation not only helps you save time, connect with visitors, and get the most out of your leads, it also delivers a high ROI. Higher conversion rates mean more customers for your business and higher total revenue.

Plus, you don’t have to wait to see the automation results. Fact: 75% of companies using automation have improved ROI in one year.

More personalized marketing

Since your team spends more time creating rather than manually entering data, marketing automation software will enable them to create more personalized content through segmentation and reporting capabilities.

With marketing automation, you can target your personality across multiple channels. You can target them on social media, through search ads, or email campaigns. Marketing automation turns your visitors into leads, and once you know who your leads are, you can segment them by behavior or characteristics.

Lead scoring

Marketing automation software can set up a lead scoring system for your team that will notify your sales team when interest shifts from a qualified marketer to a qualified sales lead.

In addition, it automates the process, making it easier to operate in real-time. This means that time will not be wasted and your sales team will be able to connect with potential customers immediately.

Top 7 Best Marketing Automation Tools

Here are the top 7 marketing automation tools according to user reviews.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot has a marketing solution that includes marketing automation tools. This is a big improvement over simple email marketing. One can easily compose emails without the need to know how to code. In addition, workflows can be easily created as they are displayed graphically.

You can create triggers and customize them according to your needs. Triggers can trigger various automatic responses. You can automate workflows for a variety of purposes, such as a subscription or a sale. There are also “drip” marketing campaigns and landing pages (landing pages). Tools are in place to help marketers incentivize customers to make purchases. These include lead qualifications. In addition, this software automates daily tasks such as sending notifications to agents.


You can get started for free and upgrade as your business grows. HubSpot can get very expensive if you add marketing automation and smart content features. The cost of tariff plans is $50-$3,200 per month, depending on the services you use.

2. Marketo

Marketo is a solid example of a SaaS solution for marketing automation. Marketo allows you to engage in behavior tracking. Marketo finds clients that match your marketing campaigns. You can easily build workflows associated with marketing campaigns. Data analytics capabilities are provided so that you can see how marketing campaigns are driving sales.

You also get a complete overview of your contacts. You can connect with people via the Internet, email, private messages, or social media. Marketo includes many unique instruments, automation tools and tools for working with marketing data (including artificial intelligence for segmentation).

There are many software packages available for Marketo. For pricing information, please contact the sales department.

3. Pardot

Pardot is a software solution for cross-company marketing, i.e. B2B marketing. This is a marketing automation solution that allows you to increase the interest of leads in your products or services and move them further along the sales pipeline, which is also sometimes. It also helps with cold lead retargeting.

You have a visual editor that allows you to build complex workflows. Pardot makes heavy use of artificial intelligence to improve the quality of automation. Developers place a strong emphasis on increasing ROI and delivering a more positive customer experience.


Pardot starts at $1250 per month and can go up to $15,000. Payment is made annually.

4. Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua provides marketers with best-in-class lead and campaign management tools to help them reach the right audience at the right time with the customer by providing real-time reporting and analytics. Oracle Eloqua is part of Oracle Marketing Cloud, an integrated portfolio of best-in-class B2B and B2C applications that enables marketers to create immersive, unified, and relevant customer experiences.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Oracle Marketing Cloud delivers scalable, timely, personalized, and responsive customer experiences so marketers can interact with consumers wherever they are, whichever way they choose.


The basic plan costs $2,000 per month for a database of up to 10,000 contacts. It supports up to 10 marketing users. The standard plan costs $4,000 per month for a database of up to 10,000 contacts. It supports up to 50 marketing users. The cost of the Enterprise plan is not specified; you will need to contact Oracle directly for a quote. It supports unlimited marketing users.

5. Drip

Drip is a digital marketing platform. Emails and text messages are its main information channels. Drip provides you with customer data across all of your marketing channels.

You can also use Drip to serve ads to Facebook and Instagram users. You can easily assign tags to customers and divide customers into segments. Audience segmentation helps you create targeted marketing campaigns.

Drip also uses data about visits and clicks of customers. You can create workflows to connect with audience segments at the most appropriate time. Drip allows for other automation options based on customer behavior. Workflow A / B testing allows you to test a variety of marketing strategies at work. In addition, Drip has a dashboard for full data analysis.


The price scale for Drip depends on the size of your contact list. It starts at $19 per month for 100 contacts.

6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is marketed as a tool for automating customer service. Overall, this is one of the best platforms out there. It combines a CRM system with email distribution. ActiveCampaign includes solutions to improve sales, marketing, and technical support. Tags and tags can be assigned to customers in your CRM system. These capabilities allow you to send specific messages that are consistent with the needs of your customers.

The app provides you with social media marketing tools. Because leads respond to marketing efforts, this tool motivates you to qualify leads.


The cheapest plan costs $9 per month and is billed annually. But there is an advanced Plus plan that costs $49 for one month with a billing plan.

7. GetResponse

GetResponse is inbound marketing support software. It allows you to drive leads and new customers to your company. Email marketing tools help you create great newsletters using drag and drop functionality. In addition, this software includes email templates. You can automate the process of sending them perfectly on time.

GetResponse also has a tool for automatically submitting responses. Rule-based automation that’s easy to work with. User behavior is analyzed in real-time. This analysis can trigger the automatic submission of responses.

GetResponse is highly integrated. The most popular examples are SaaS eCommerce solutions like Shopify. Also, this software provides you with transition pages and forms for subscribing to advertising mailings.


This tool starts at $12.30 per month and is billed annually.


Marketing automation is a great way to streamline routine marketing tasks and allows your marketers to focus on what’s important: creating great content to connect with people, and streamlining customer service as they make purchases. We hope these tools will help you make a good choice to advance your business.