7 Tips to increase the security of your Smartphone

Your Smartphone is like an extension of you, and you cannot get separated yourself from it as well as anything that helps regarding this matter is incalculable, as the hours you use it, so it is important to take care and protect it from malicious attacks that your Smartphone can have, like any device connected to the Internet. Today we give you 7 tips to increase the security of your Smartphone:

When your phone is connected to internet you can suffer any vulnerability, however to make these tips useful, follow preventive measures, you can navigate and perform your favorite collections on your Smartphone without worries.


First, you should always have a backup of the data that you consider important. From photographs, contacts, documents, etc. As if something happens to your Cell-phone, at least you do not lose information that’s valuable for you.

Always set an unlock code

They are words, numbers or a pattern, it is advisable to have an unlock code so no one can access the contents of your phone if you lose it or if someone else gets your Smartphone.

Try not to use open WiFi and unknown networks

Today mostly users like to be connected to internet with mobile devices, and the most of them use Smartphone. They do not want to spend data, so mostly looking to connect to WiFi networks and it’s a good idea if you do not have good data rate, but beware. If you do, your Smartphone should already be set to protected or secure networks. If you try to use open networks, anyone could interact with your Smartphone.


Equip your Smartphone with an antivirus

Yes, there are also Smartphones that come without anti-virus apps. However there are many free anti-virus apps and for some you have to pay for better functionality. Search for the most according to your needs and install it on your mobile snaps to keep it safe from virus attacks or other.

Search for original apps

There are millions of apps circulating in unofficial stores that you easily download to your phone. Do not trust them, may be fraudulent applications that run out to hack data. In many cases they can settle spyware accessing passwords, contacts, etc.

Set your SIM PIN

You should use lock code to your phone, you must also enable the PIN of your SIM card to prevent anyone can use it or in false way spread your name.

Your location security

Be cautious and be active to location for your applications; use only where you consider it’s necessary; this in addition to security also saves battery of your Smartphone. Try your best to maintain a higher level of security.

And finally equip your Smartphone with a data rate that allows you to talk and surf safely without limits!

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