7 Things you can do to make use of your old Smartphone

old smartphone usage

With the development of technology and the rise of smartphones, each sees for more advanced technology; we tend to have latest Mobiles available in the market; it is very possible that we are at home with one of our old smartphones and do not know well what to do with them. Therefore, we give you some ideas so you can use them; however stop being a gizmo and make some use of your old phones.

Surveillance camera

If you put your old device in the peephole of the front door, you can control which people are entering or leaving home. There are applications especially for the mobile that meet surveillance camera or video intercom function.

Remote control

Yes, it’s another use of old mobiles. You can convert your old device into a handy remote control due to the LED that many of them have. In addition, there are several applications that you can install to use your Smartphone as a remote control to your Smart TV.

Emergency phone calls

Many smartphones give you the ability to make emergency calls despite being disabled. This use is especially interesting for older people, thus can make calls that need a simple way.

Alarm clock

Do not take a risk of falling asleep! Use your old mobile exclusively as an alarm clock, keep it connected to the charger and program them with the time you want to wake you. It’s simple but effective way to use old Smartphone.

Multimedia player

Besides playing the files you have stored on it, you can also use it as a recipient of streaming content to play on your computer.


It will not be as comfortable to read as an e-book, due to the many applications available to read on your Smartphone, however you can reuse your old device only as an eBook.

Phone Wi-Fi

You can use your old phone to benefit from free Wi-Fi and allocate the device only for calls through applications like Skype.

We expect these features to your old device you have original plus useful and some of them will be useful for your daily life. If you want to learn more about these applications, you can surf the Internet and sure can find many more and very curious more information. To find this information, you’ll need a fast connection like Fiber Optics.

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