5 false myths about Facebook Messenger application


There are lots of rumors and controversies about the Facebook Messenger throughout the world. The main reason for the debate is that the social network Facebook has begun to force users to use the application Facebook Messenger to access the chat, which means some discomfort that users will have. Well, all the rumors are not true, don’t just believe everything you read. Try to investigate and have practical experience if it is possible. Let’s know the 5 myths that seems to be true, but all of them are not 100% true.

1 – You must use the Facebook Messenger application to view or send messages to your friends

This myth is partially true. It is true that Facebook has started to force users to use Facebook Messenger to check incoming messages what they have received from their friends, but this restriction only applies to smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems, so you still have the ability to access messages from your computer without using Facebook Messenger .

2 – The terms and conditions of Facebook Messenger are more strict than Facebook app

This myth is completely false . The privacy policies of Facebook Messenger are identical to those provided by Facebook (and, indeed, are available on this link: https://m.facebook.com/policies). The main reason for the confusion stems from the permits requested Facebook Messenger when installed in a mobile with Android . Like other Android application Facebook Messenger also requires permission to use some of the mobile features and function along with data usage. You can visit this link and review it by clicking on View Detail under Permissions Section: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.orca.

3 – Facebook Messenger records our conversations without our permission

This is another false myth about the Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger application asks permission to access the camera and microphone of your mobile for the simple reason that both elements are necessary when making voice calls or taking pictures to share with some contact.

4 – Facebook sends SMS messages without our permission

Another myth that has been rumoured about Facebook is also false. The only reason that Facebook Messenger requires permissions to read and edit SMS messages from your mobile is because this way Facebook can confirm security code automatically when we receive it as an SMS to add our phone number to Facebook Messenger.

5 – Facebook Messenger is a new application

The origins of Facebook Messenger happened long time back on 9th August 2011 for iOS and Android, and later in October 2011 it was made available for Blackberry as well. In December 2012, Facebook also introduced a feature on its messenger that users from some specific region could send messages to other users without the Facebook account, just using the name and the phone number. Many people were unknown about the Facebook Messenger app, and when Facebook began to force users to download this application to make use of the messaging services, then everyone knew that Facebook also has its messenger app. The main reasons that Facebook has started expanding its Facebook Messenger app is to bring improvements, such as using stickers, making free calls, reducing load time and less consumption of data when you just want to chat and providing more customization options.

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