5 apps that drain your iPhone’s battery

iPhone's Battery Life

Battery life of a smartphone has been a matter of concern from the start. Users do many stuffs to reduce battery consumption, and also install some apps to increase the battery life. However, installing battery saver apps on iOS is not a solution. iOS 9 comes with all kind of feature that can help you to boost battery life, and installing addition app may even increase the battery consumption.

Here are 5 most popular apps that kills your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch battery


FaceBook for iPhone has always been worst on battery life. Facebook app consumes the battery when you are using it, but it keeps draining battery even the app is not being used, because it refreshes a lot in the background. If you are among those who uses FaceBook a lot, you may get surprised when you see how much battery it drains. It can be checked from Settings –> Battery

Google Maps

Since Apple Maps is better optimized for iOS devices, it doesn’t drain so much of battery. However, Google Maps is quite heavier on your iPhone’s battery. When location feature is turned on it drains battery even more than FaceBook. However, Google Maps come with many great feature that Apple Maps lack. So there is no alternative. When you are not using Google Maps, turn off the location feature, and it will save so much of the battery life.


Twitter is another social media app that is heavier on iPhone’s battery. It consumes battery whether you use it or now. It keeps checking for new tweets in the background. If you are very active of twitter, and following many users, the battery drains even faster.

Google Chrome

It could be surprising for some users, but you need to take it seriously. Safari is well optimized for iOS, and it consumes very less battery compared to Google Chrome. I don’t see a reason that would make someone prefer Chrome over Safari. However, your opinion may be different, but you should use Safari to save battery life.


Skype also falls among those apps that consumes so much battery. Like FaceBook and Twitter, Skype also drains battery when it is not running, and it’s because of background activity.


The primary reason that makes these app to drain your iPhone’s battery is the background activity. You can disable Background App Refresh for any application on iOS from Settings –> General –> Background App Refresh

Using stock apps also saves the battery life, because they are optimized in a better way. So using an alternative of stock app increases the battery consumption.

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