4 settings to increase the privacy of your iPhone

iphone privacy

Today privacy is one of the major concerns of the users of a smartphone. It was not until recently, or rather, but it was rather passively, however after everything that happened late last year with the NSA and the users of various technology companies have taken a more active role in this regard that looks and works by using such privacy. Although the extent of this is largely in our hands as there is always something we can do to the possible extent, increase the security and privacy of our devices; however I’m going to share 4 settings that will bring an increase in privacy on your iPhone.

1. Activate ‘Find My iPhone’:

This may seem a bit obvious, but even today there are some people who have not enabled ‘Find My iPhone’. With Find My iPhone you will have the opportunity to keep on your phone in case of loss or theft as well as can lock and delete all content when it’s stolen. With iOS 7 Apple introduced a new feature that makes it impossible to delete, enable or disable this function without entering the password associated with iCloud phone. Again, it may seem a bit obvious to mention this but it’s basic option.

2. Disable access to the microphone:

For better or worse, iOS allows applications to access your microphone subsequently, literally, it’s being heard. If you do not want that to happen this application can be disabled individually according to each application; those who really interested can access the microphone, such as Siri or Shazam. To do you we will go to Settings> Privacy> Microphone and select those options if you want to have it active or not.

3. Disable Safari AutoFill:

One of the best options in Safari for iOS can also be one of the least safe. The Safari AutoFill allows you autofill web forms with your contact information and the stored information along with credit card passwords. To prevent theft you can disable this function in Settings> Safari> Passwords and Autofill as if someone accesses your iPhone without your permission; can use that kind of information.

4. Remove and turn off the frequent locations:

A new feature of iOS 7 localization issues is frequent locations, through which your iPhone picks up where you are going and how often Apple so that you are offered personalized services based on your location, such as in maps. If you do not want your iPhone continually browse your position you must go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System Services> Frequently Locations. In addition you can also disable or delete existing history so that all of your locations previously saved data get erased.

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