3 Ways Employees Benefit From WorkExaminer’s Monitoring

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Work Force EMplyees

It is easy to see how employee monitoring can benefit a business, but did you know that it can actually benefit employees as well?

If you use an employee Monitoring app, like WorkExaminer, it would help you understand those benefits. It will not only let you take advantage of them more effectively but also help you explain reasons to your employees behind its usage – and it can have a positive impact on the workforce.

Flexibility to Work Remotely

With the features in WorkExaminer, you’ll be able to track the activity of your employees while they’re working on the computer. That will allow you to monitor their productivity – even if they aren’t actually in the workplace.

In turn, you should be able to provide your employees with the flexibility to work remotely. Initially, you may want to offer the option on a limited basis, as there are both advantages and disadvantages to a distributed workforce.

In the long term, some employees may find that they prefer working remotely, and it can even help you to attract talent and recruit from a larger base considering that location is no longer an issue.

More Effective and Immediate Feedback

When using WorkExaminer if employees make a critical mistake or perform an action that they shouldn’t – you can know about it almost immediately. The software will send you regular category-based reports that you can review and use to provide feedback to employees.

With more immediate feedback, your employees will have the opportunity to act and correct issues more quickly. That can help them to avoid any further mistakes of the same vein – which is often the case when mistakes go undetected.

In addition to being faster, the quality of the feedback that you can provide will be much better with the data from WorkExaminer. Instead of vague information sourced from a questionnaire or subjective reports, you will have cold hard data that you can base recommendations on.

It should be noted that all this applies to positive feedback as well, in recognition of a job well done.

Personal Data Protection

Most employees don’t realize it, but as susceptible as businesses are to data breaches – their personal data is too.

That is especially true when employees use workplace computers for personal reasons, or when they bring their personal devices to work and connect to the network. Because WorkExaminer can help protect against data breaches and malware intrusions, the safety of employees’ personal data will be increased as well.


Make no mistake the use of employee monitoring extends far beyond tracking the surfing time of employees – or penalizing them for it. In fact, the greater benefits of WorkExaminer are as a tool to increase productivity and protect against data breaches.

Let your employees know exactly how WorkExaminer will be used, and what your goals are when using it. That, coupled with the benefits that it will provide should make them feel more assured and open to its presence.