iOS 9 has brought many good thing, and one of them is the trackpad option. You can use the iPhone’s keyboard as trackpad in iOS 9. If you are not using iPhone 6s or 6s plus, you need to use two fingers to switch from keyboard to trackpad. Some users also reported that it’s not even working with older iPhones. However, 3D touch option in new iPhones allow switching from keyboard to trackpad using one finger only. This feature works regardless of any app you are using, even third party apps.

How to use iPhone 6s keyboard as trackpad

  • Open any app (ex ; Messaging), tap on text writing box to bring the keyboard front
  • Press firmly on keyboard that will switch it to trackpad. Make sure you press firmly, harder press will not bring the trackpad. Once trackpad is enabled, you will see a blank keyboard, and that means trackpad is enabled
  • Now you can move your finger up, down, left or right to set the cursor position anywhere on the displayed texts. Make sure your finger in constantly in contact with the display (Trackpad). You can release your finger to set the cursor position
  • If you wish to select a word or multiple words, move cursor over those words you want select and press firmly to highlight them. Now you can release pressure to drag and drop those words from one place to different place (under the opened document/app)
  • To select the entire line press deep, and to select the whole paragraph press even deeper


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