How to know who visited my Facebook Profile

Who don’t want to know about their Facebook Profile visit? There are some users who don’t really think about other Facebook users who check or keep on checking their profiles, but many users do. You don’t require any additional application or to be an advanced user to know this

How to know who visited my Facebook Profile?

  • Login to you Facebook account
  • Go to your profile page
  • Click right button of mouse/trackpad (or use secondary click)
  • Click on View Page Source
  • Use ctrl+f in Windows or cmd+f in Mac to find InitialChatFriendsList
  • Once you find this, there will be so many IDs there, and that IDs are for those users who visited your profile recently. IDs look like this; “100001106215319-2″,”100008557363866-2″,”100003062721643-2” (these IDs have been modified, so it may or may not work).
  • Now to check who visited your profile, you can simple add user ID in the end of the URL. For example : 100001106215319-2 has visited my profile, and I want to check who this person is. I will type in address bar; You don’t need to use “-2”.
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