Xiaomi’s Mi A1: An upcoming smartphone leaked on Official Website

Xiaomi has an upcoming smartphone with model number MI A1 that Xiaomi leaked on its official website by mistake. It appeared on its RF Exposure and Compliance pages. However, Xiaomi removed it quickly from the website after realizing what they have done. Well, we have the screenshot as well as PDF Version of the compliance file that you can check. Xiaomi website stated MI A1 as MDG2 Model, but it will surely be marketed as MI A1 and MDG2 should be the code name.

MI A1 RF Exposure


MI A1 Compliance

MI A1 Compliance (PDF FIle)



Please note that we don’t have more information on this model yet. MI A1 could be the first A series model that Xiaomiintendsd to release in the market.

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