Windows Phone 8.1 first Update is available now as developer preview

Windows 8.1 is here. This is the first update that is available for those users who have got a Windows Phone 8.1, the latest operating system for smartphones and tablets from Microsoft. The company has released  the first update for for Windows 8.1 phone. The Developer Edition is for experts who are responsible for creating applications and programs to enrich the ecosystem Windows Phone, and although this is a version that will have final update later. Those who are not developers – users like you and me – can download it to their phones if curios to get them, and all you have to do is register for the App Studio Program from Microsoft and start downloading. At this point it should be noted that users who usually develop Windows Phone OS and apps pay $19 to access this program.

But why this update could be vert important to to Windows Phone 8.1, an operating system that came a few months ago? Well, the truth is that it brings some significant improvements that should be mentioned. One of the most interesting is undoubtedly the introduction of a system of folders on the home screen . As you know, so far the platform has operated through a system of  Live Tiles, allowing the user to organize all applications, services and content on the home screen. The proposed new tool Microsoft is a kind of sorting through folders, called Live Folders, which will serve to create more efficient folders by dragging apps into other apps. Within each of these folders, the user will see the classic Live Tiles without any inconvenience.

But this is not all what we will get in this update. The data packet carries the expected Cortana assistant, but not for all markets. For now, users in only Australia, Canada, China and UK would be lucky that will test the functions of this tool in its alpha version, just before it hits the market worldwide. And with this new update users of Windows Phone 8.1 will have the opportunity to select different SMS messages to delete or forward in a more agile, enjoy new settings in the alarm function and find significant performance improvements in the Live Tile dedicated to the service Xbox Music . And although there is still no date for the launch of the update, it is expected that it can reach all smartphones running through this platform in the coming months.

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