The easiest way to download YouTube Video as video and MP3

We have already discussed earlier how to download YouTube video as audio or video file. There is one easiest way to do that quickly. Follow these steps to download YouTube Video as a video or audio file.

You can download in these formats:

Video : MP4, FLV, 3GP, WEBM

Audio/Sound : MP3, MP4A, WEBM

Along with various formats, you can also select from high to low quality audio and video.

Here is how you can download YouTube Content

  • Visit YouTube from browser
  • Browse and Play any video you want to download
  • Copy video URL, and open in new windows but replace “YouTube” with “Savemedia” (without quote). For example :, will be as “” (without quote)
  • Or you can also visit, submit the URL, Click on Search/Download
  • Now you will see the video content on the page that you can Play and Download as well

Here is a demo video

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