The best Siri alternative for Android Phones

The best siri alternative for Android phones

Siri is a great voice assistant feature for iOS devices, but Android lacks such great feature. Microsoft Cortana is still on its way to reach Android users. Meanwhile, we have got the best Siri alternative for Android Phones.

Here is the best Siri alternative for Android Phones

Robin – The Siri Challenger

There are many voice assistant apps for Android, but all of them are not very useful and you may get frustrated. Most of the voice assistant app can do what you command, but they don’t learn new things or you can’t teach them.

Robin – The Siri Challenger is so far the best Siri alternative for Android phones you can get. What do you expect this app to do for you? Robin can do what you command as well as it learns new things when you teach.

best siri alternative for Android phones - Robin the siri challenger


Here are the things Robin app can do for you:

  • Provide call alert with name : When you get any calls Robin will tell you the name of the caller if it is saved, else will say incoming call from unknown number.
  • Ask for direction or even the direction to your home : Ask robin “How do I get home?” If you are asking first time, Robin will ask you to teach where your home is. Once you tell the home, it will save it for future. Now you can ask again “How do I get home?” It will show you the navigation on Google Map? It can also give you traffic alert.
  • Ask to call or text : You can ask Robin to call or text, and it will do that. It can even write all the words you say. You can ask to dial any specific number or ask to show the contact list.
  • Ask how the weather is.
  • Ask about nearest cafe, restaurant, parking or Gas station
  • Smartphone/app related work : It can open any specific web page, browse pictures on the internet, capture picture using your mobile camera, Turn on/off Wifi or flashlight, close all running apps, open any app and many more….
  • Wants to learn cooking or cook something special? Ask robin anything about cooking. “How to cook Chicken/Rice/Sushi?” Anything you want.
  • It can also read emails for you.
  • Ask to set or delete alarms, Set reminders, show daily schedule etc.
  • Want some fun? Ask robin to tell you a joke/riddle, read poem etc. You can even share those jokes with your friend on Facebook.
  • Teach Robin : You can teach Robin what your name is, your birth date, your home address, your work timing etc.
  • This is not all, there are many other things Robin can do that you will learn when you use.

Now you see that how capable Robin is. It’s really the best Siri alternative for Android Phones. I found one more interesting app “Skyvi.” It can also do many things, but can’t really do as much as Robin can.

When you download Robin – The Siri Challenger, it would prompt to download the high quality voice, that you can download to improve the voice quality. The app costs nothing, and has over one million downloads. It achieved the rating 4.2 out of 5.

Ready to get this best Siri alternative for Android phone? Download here

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