N Play iOS App: Free SoundCloud and VKontakte Music Downloader, Player, and WiFi Transfer

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There are many music downloader apps for iPhone that we have already discussed.  You can even download mp3 to iPhone browsing on Google or any other search engine. Today, we will tell you about an application that comes with many great features. This application allows downloading Music files from SoundCloud or VKontakte, and it also works as a music player. This app can also be used to transfer music files wirelessly. Let’s know about the app in detail.

N Play: Free Music Downloader, Mp3 Player, and WiFi Transfer app for iPhone

This app has been developed BACKTRACE SECURITY LLC, and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 and later version. Here are the features of the app;

–> Search and Play Songs/Mp3 online from SoundCloud and VKontakte.

–> Download Music from SoundCloud and VKontakte to Play in offline mode.

–> It can be used as Music Player.

–> Create custom playlists of your favorite songs.

–> Enjoy every beat of the music with the custom equalizer that you can set manually or choose from preadded equalizer setup.

–> Transfer Music files wirelessly to this app on iPhone.

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How to search and Download music files from SoundCloud and VKontakte using N Play app

–> Launch the application and tap on Search button.

–> Select SoundCloud or VKontakte tab. You should select SoundCloud for the most relevant result.

–> Type Song, Artist or Album name in the search field and hit the Search button.

–> Now you will see all the similar results that you can play or download.

–> Hit the song name to play the song online or hit the Download icon to download the file. All the downloaded file can be played later without internet connection.

iPhone SoundCloud Music Download

How to use Equalizer feature of N Play Music Player and Downloader app

–> Tap on the Downloads option.

–> Now hit the small music bar icon on the top right corner to go the player options.

Equalizer of Music Download app

–> Tap on Equalizer icon to get the equalizer option. Now you can tap the arrow icon to select from preadded equalizer sets or move the bars by swiping to set the equalizer according to your liking. Once you are satisfied with the sound, tap on Done option.

How to transfer songs/mp3/music files wirelessly to this app on iPhone

–> Make sure that your computer and iPhone is connected to the same WiFi Network.

–> Select Services option (located on the bottom left corner).

–> Tap on Wi-Fi Transfer option and you will find a URL (looks like IP address).

transfer music files wirelessly to iPhone

–> Launch an internet browser on your computer and type the address shown on your iPhone. Please make sure that you are on the IP address page on your iPhone, else the browser on the computer will not show anything.

Upload music files for iPhone app

–> Now click on the Upload Files option and upload MP3 files. All the uploaded files will be saved under the Downloads option on your iPhone’s N Play Music app.

Please note that this app is not capable of importing music files from the stock Music app. The app will show only those songs that you download using this app. The app is free and in includes advertisement on the bottom of the app. The developer doesn’t offer an ad-free version. They may release a Pro and in-app purchase in future, but we are not sure about it. In the meantime, enjoy this free music downloader and player app on your iOS device for free and download any music file from SoundCloud and VKontakte.

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