Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, curved Edge screen an Edgeless smartphone

The new Samsung Galaxy Note  Edge has a curved screen offers different features, but retains the same features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s an edgeless smartphone and this is the only difference.

One of the most exciting news is the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be available with amazing features; when we know of ‘futuristic’ devices will probably inspiring us to move forward in design and in different ways. It is somewhat that Samsung is determined to proffer in the form of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is contrasting any other phone as we’ve seen in the market, but uses basically the same concept of flexible display since the company showed at CES 2012.

Features of Galaxy Note Edge

The idea of making an edgeless smartphone doesn’t seem to be bad, at least Samsung is trying to do something new, apart from curved edge Samsung has incorporated great specs with this smartphone. The Galaxy Note has a QHD screen Edge (2K) 5.6 megapixels (2,560x 1,440), the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, only one inch smaller. No embargo on the right edge of the screen is folded shape that covers part of the right edge of the cell. This frame (edge) has a bar occupied by icons, widgets as well as useful information that can function or task apart from the front of the display or may display related to the application that is in the main part menus.

The Curve Bar display can be rotated by swiping your finger across the edge to provide icons, shortcuts, data S Health , games markers, weather and more. You can slide sideways and kind of broken bar. If you arrive down while sliding you open the menu shortcuts or widgets. Also if you slide at the bottom you can get the settings bar. 

We can submit all sorts of applications in that bar transform the background as well as while we move the phone image moves a bit, giving a very appealing effect.

Samsung facilitates an API to allocate developers to take benefit of that bar or border. For example, when we open the camera bar endows with controls, whereas the central screen puts on view images that are captured.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has the same specifications of the Galaxy Note 4; possess a quad-core 2.7GHz processor, 3.7 megapixel fronts, 3GB of RAM, 16-megapixel camera, plus some stylus features. However, the Galaxy Note Edge is not compatible with the Samsung VR Gear, as these fundamental veracity glasses just work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So this edgeless smartphone is the new in the market and now there would be more to come in competition.


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