Recover Your Lost Data with EaseUS: Quick Tip About Its Procedure

Have you ever searched for a specific document, but couldn’t find it? Its one of the worst things that could happen, especially if its an important and irreplaceable file.

Data is precious for everyone, from individuals to businesses. Its one of the fountains of the modern world.

There are numerous reasons that could lead to data loss, the most common causes include virus or malware attacks, accidentally deletion or disk formatting, hardware failure, logical damage, system failure etc.

Protecting your data, whether personal or for business can only be done by constantly backing up or recovery. If your data is backed up, when there any data loss, you can just retrieve the backed-up file and continue your work.

However, if your data wasn’t backed-up before been lost then you would need to recover such data.

Not so long ago, recovering data was a huge task, however with the technology advancement, several data recovery tools which can enable you to effortlessly recover you’re stolen, damaged, deleted, or formatted data without risk. Each of these tools has their unique feature and data type they can recover.

One of the free data recovery software available is the EaseUS data recovery software. EaseUS is a free data recovery software available for Windows and Mac and offers an amazing data recovery options.

Below are the steps to recovering your data with the EaseUS data recovery wizard.

Installing EaseUS data software

The EaseUS data recovery software is very easy to install and use. Firstly you have to download the data recovery wizard from the EaseUS website. The downloaded file would be named “”.

After the download, double-click on the file downloaded to start the installation. You would be asked to click “Next” to continue. Just click “Next” on all the windows of the installer.

In the final dialog, check the “Create a desktop icon” and “Launch Data Recovery Wizard” box and click on “Finish” to complete the installation process.


Recovering Data with EaseUS recovery wizard.

Now the Recovery Wizard is ready for use. Let’s recover some data.

First, launch the program by clicking on the “EaseUS data recovery” icon on your desktop.

Upon loading up, you would be asked to choose a recovery method depending on the way it was lost.

For instance, if you wish to recover a document that was mistakenly deleted into the recycled bin and then emptied, then you would have to choose the option named “DeletedRecovery”.

Next, you would be launched into a window where you would have to choose the storage media to recover from.

In most cases you would find four partitions tagged “C:”, “D:”, “E:”, “F:” respectively. Just select the partition where the file was deleted from. You can also narrow down the search to the specific folder where the file was saved if you can remember the folder. To do this, click on the “Search Specified Folder” at the top and select the folder.

Then click on “Next” to start the scanning process.


Wizard scanning.

The wizard would then scan your system to recover the lost file. The EaseUS scanning is faster, compared to any other data recovery.

When the data recovery is finished, you would see a dialog box with all the found files displayed.


For each file, all information like the name, type, creation time, last modifications time, last access time and more would be displayed.

You just have to click on the specific files you wish to recover and save them to your desired location.

Data loss is no longer irreversible, as shown above. the EaseUS free data recovery wizard makes recovering your lost data as easy as eating pizza. You don’t need to have any technical skill to carry out the process, just download and install the program and follow the steps listed above to recover your files.

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