Online Photo Editor and Word Cloud Generator for Free

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Internet is full of surprises, you can find almost all information you need. There are so many free stuffs that can be used without paying a single penny. Today, we will talk about some Online Photo Editor tools that you can use to make your photos look awesome.

Google Photos : Online Photo Editor

Online Photo Editor Google PhotosGoogle Photos is well known by smartphone users. Google Photos gives Free Unlimited Cloud Storage to its users for Photos and Videos, but it also comes with some additional features.

When you visit from your desktop browser, click on any photo, and then click on Pencil icon. Now you can edit photos; Can adjust color, light, sharpness or use auto correction. Second Option allows you to apply quick filter on your photo, and the third option is to adjust the photo in desired angle.

On the photo you also get Compare button. You can click and hold on Compare to check the original image, and leave the Compare button to check the edited image. If you are satisfied with your editing, click on Save.

Google Photos also allows to change the photo date. If you want to do thins, read our article about How to Change Photos Date.

There is much more to do in Google Photos. The more you use, the more you learn. Google Photos app for smartphones also allows to edit photos. If you use the app, you don’t need to use Google Photos online photo editor.

PIXLR Editor

PIXLR Online Photo EditorPIXLR has its online photo editor as well as application for Android and iOS devices. If you want something advanced and professional editing, PIXLR could be the one you can use. It is one of the most popular online photo editor.

PIXLR Online Photo editor has so many tools to get a professional output. You can apply filters, crop images, adjust color, brightness, size, write text, use various brushes and so on. If you don’t like the small window, you can maximize and edit your photo in full screen.

Visit PIXLT now, and we are certain that you would love it. If you have used Microsoft’s Paint, you will find it quite familiar as the tools and menu appears in similar way.


FotoFlexer Online Photo EditorFotoFlexer is very useful if you are looking for free online photo editor. This is the best tool if you want to remove background from Photo. People usually use, Photoshop to remove background from a photo. However, if you are not familiar with Photoshop, you can use FotoFlexer that is quite easy to use. Read our article about How to Remove Background from Photo for full instruction.

Along with background removal, FotoFlexer also has other fixes for photos, like Auto Fix, Red Eye Fix,  Flipping, Cropping, Collage Creation etc.. You can also add effects, animated stickers, decorate with text, border, fun cards, and brushes, adjust color, set angles and so on…

Free Online Photo Editor

You can understand its work by its name. You can visit, and enjoy its free photo editing tools. Like other Online Photo Editor tools, it also comes with basic to advance photo editing option.

Free Online Photo Editor

Along with adding filters/borders, adjusting color, and fixing red eye and other stuffs, you will get a new editing option as Clipart. It comes with some cool stickers in various categories, like Animal, People, Building, Arrows, Holidays etc.. So you can apply stickers on your photo here and there.

Word Cloud Generator (WordClouds)

Looking for something special or want to impress someone special? Word Cloud Generator may help. Word Cloud Generator allows you to make an image with so many words, so they call it Word Cloud.


Word Cloud Online Photo Editor toolHow to use Word Cloud Generator?

  • You can visit
  • Click on File
  • Select one of these options; Paste Text, Open Text File, Open URL, Open MS Office Document or Open PDF. Whatever you do, they will eventually require words to create Word Cloud image for you
  • Once you add text, design your Word Cloud image; Adjust words’ size, click on Words list to add or remove an existing word, Select Word Cloud Shape, Adjust Flatness, Select Theme, Adjust Color and Font Type etc..
  • Once you are done with designing, Click on Size, and select the desired size you want
  • Finally, Click on File, and then Select the format you want; JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG etc..
  • Once you save, it will be downloaded automatically

So using a Word Cloud Generator online is easy and fun.

Fotor and PiZap

Fotor and PiZap provides similar kind of services. They both allow you to create own customized FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube cover photo, but Fotor allows to create Google Plus Cover, Instagram Post, Poster and Card as well. While PiZap comes with Collage creation option, Emoji Maker, Photo Design as well as some Photo Editing tools.

There are many more websites that serves with free Online Photo Editor tools. You can try any of them you want as those are absolutely free, and this way you will come to know which one is the best for you. People use Online Photo Editor for various purpose, so find the best one for you.

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