List of Websites to Download or Read One Piece Manga Online in English

read one piece manga online

One Piece is a Japanese Manga series that has been written by Eiichiro Oda. In this Manga, Gol D. Manga, Roger was known as the Pirate King who is fearless and dared to sail the Grand Line. However, he was captured by the World Government, and they hung him. Before his death, he revealed the secret of the World’s ultimate treasure “One Piece.” Monkey D. Luffy is a funny 17-year old character in this Manga, whose body gains the properties of rubber after eating the devil fruit. He explores the Grand Line with the crew in search of the great treasure “one piece” to become the next king of pirates.

Once Piece Manga has broken many publishing records, because of its better illustration, humorous character and interesting story that readers love to read. It has set a record of “the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author.” By June 2015, 320 million copies were printed that makes it the best selling manga so far, reported by Wikipedia.

Where to Read One Piece Manga online or Download for Free in the English language

There are many websites on the web where you can find One Piece Manga. Here are some of them where you can read its chapters online;

Manga Freak (Read & Download)

Manga Freak Website has got the full chapters of One Piece Manga in the English Language that you can read online on their website or download for free. There are some quick steps to read or download;

  • Visit this page
  • You will see all the chapters on this page
  • If you want to read online, click on Chapter, and you can read all chapters same way. Clicking on the chapter name will open the chapter for you, and you will get some options on the page, like Next (to go to next page), Drop Down List (to select another chapter or go to a certain page while reading any Manga). You can also use Left and Righ arrow from keyboard to go to the next or previous page
  • If you want to download, there is no need to click on Chapter. You can simply click on the Download button that is associated with each and every chapter. This will download a zip file. Unzip the file, and start reading

My Manga (Read Online)

This is another website where you can read One Piece Manga Online. This website doesn’t allow to download any chapter, so you can just read. They also have all the chapters, and you can use Left and Right arrow from Keyboard to go to the next or previous page. Clicking on the page also takes you to the next page. To get the list of full chapters and read online, you can visit this page :

Hey Manga (Read Online)

If the above-mentioned website is not working for any reason, or you face any trouble, You can visit Hey Manga website to read One Piece Manga Chapters. Like other websites, they also have the full list that you can read, but cannot download. Use can use Left and Right arrow from the keyboard or click on the chapter to go to the Next Page. Visit this link to read online for free :

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