Now Combine SMS and Chat in Google Hangouts

Google hangouts update

It is said that old is gold, and it’s happening with the technology as well. We are getting more and more chat and social messaging apps, and most of us don’t use the tradition messaging service. Google is now mixing the old with the new, something which is really cool. So, Google is mixing chat and traditional messaging service together on the same Hangouts platform.

Now, the owners of Android phone who use Google Hangouts will have the access to this mixed messaging service where the chat message and the SMS can be seen together, but they can identify with the style it is shown there. If you face any problem or you don’t like this, you are free to disable it any time, and can receive both the notification and messages separately.

Google has also improved the contact option as you will see two sections now: Hangouts contacts, and the local contacts from your phone directory. As we know, Hangouts is the feature of Google Plus and you need to have a Google Plus profile. To get the most of it, update your Google Plus profile and get connected to your friend and family. Along with the messaging there are a lot you can do on Google Plus, like sharing pictures and videos, making new friends, promoting your brand or any other service etc.

The updated version of the Google Hangouts is available in Google Play Store, and if you can’t find the update for your device, hang on for a couple of days. The update is being rolled out and it should be available by the end of this week, it has already been rolled out for some territories, and other users will get it soon. We have used Google Hangouts version 2.0, and now it’s time to install Google Hangouts 2.1, and this version will have improved video quality as well while making video calls. You can also add a widget to the home screen now to access the recent conversation quickly.

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