Motorola VS Fujifilm Patent Suit: Motorola Mobility Pays $10.2 million

Motorola vs fujifilm patent suit

Reuters reported that Motorola Mobility has been ordered by US Jury to pay $10 million for the Fujifilm patent damage. It’s been a long time when Motorola VS Fujifilm patent suit dispute started, and now US Jury came to the conclusion.

In 2012, Fujifilm sued Motorola mobility about damaging four of its patent. Among those four, three were the digital camera function and one was related to bluetooth feature. US Jury said that three of the patent issue were invalid in which one of them was about bluetooth as Motorola argued they does have certification and licence of using bluetooth technology. Among three invalid issue, 2 were about the face recognition feature of digital camera.

So among four dispute, Motorola Mobility got saved in three, and found guilty in one which is also the feature of digital camera that changes color photos to monochrome. So in Motorola VS Fujifilm patent suit, Motorola Mobility has been ordered to pay $10.2 million for the patent infringement.

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