Live Video Streaming App MeerKat reached Google Play Store

Live Video Streaming App MeerKat

Earlier Meerkat Live video streaming app was available for iOS only, but now this app is available for Android Users. The app is still in beta mode, so you may encounter some issues. Once the app is fully developed, it should work well and Meerkat will also release its update. So you can simply go to Google Play Store and download Meerkat Live Streaming app and enjoy its great features.

If you have not heard of this app or you are not familiar, you must be curious to know what this app really does? Using Meerkat Live Video Streaming app you can stream video from you smartphone and share it with your twitter followers who can join and also watch the live streaming of yours. This Live streaming video will also shows up in your followers twitter feeds. If your followers have Meerkat installed on their smartphone, they will start receiving notification of each update you do, live stream, interact, comment and of course they can watch the stream.

There is one more app of this kind, officially launched by Twitter “Periscope.” As of now, Periscope is available only for iOS and Twitter reported that it will reach Android soon. Meerkat got a good chance here to get more users because at present users have no option but Meerkat if they want to enjoy such features. Delay in launch of Periscope app, can lead Twitter to lose users for its new live video streaming app.

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