Leak, a service to send anonymous emails

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There are things you should/can not say to the face of your friend, coworker or friend of a friend, and you don’t even want to tell someone who can give your message to him/her, because you don’t want to reveal your identity. For ex: Your boss is wrong at some situation and you think that you know the right way, but you are too afraid/shy to tell. Well, now there is the solution to your problems. It’s called Leak and it is a new online site that lets you send messages anonymously so you can tell those things what you don’t dare to communicate orally. Let’s know what exactly Leak does?

Operation of Leak is simple. Just access the official page of the site and complete the form. It is a very useful system to send messages informing negative as well as positive character of a person, it’s not just about complaining and sending nasty messages.

leak form

1) Get the Leak page by typing https://justleak.it on your brwoser’s address bar.

2) Then enter the email address of the recipient. You have to put it where you see To option .

3) Now select the sender. We’ve already said that messages are completely anonymous, but you have to indicate the relation with recipient. You need to select if you’re a friend, coworker, a family member, friend of a friend or just someone. Thus, you will not have to wait for a special day to tell how much you hate or love someone.

4) And then you just need to write the message. You can write it to the extent it is, because there is no limit of the characters.

5) When you’re done, think a minute what you are doing. Try not to hurt someone, all are not as strong as you could be. If nevertheless you are determined, click the button Send This Leak Anonymously. The message is sent and there will be nothing to do but wait for the reaction of this poor recipient.

Although this service is fairly new, there are currently many applications users can use to communicate with other people anonymously. Compatible with Android and iOS , some can download them for free, but others have a nominal cost. You can take a look at any of the following, they are the most used of the moment: Anonymous Text , Anonytext or Anonymous SMS .