ID107 Smartwatch Wristband with Heart Rate Monitor

ID107 Smartwatch Wrist Band

ID107 Smartwatch Wristband is a very affordable wearable that can come in budget for even those looking for mid-range gadgets. In terms of design, it looks like a Wristband, but comes with many useful features that make it different from a normal Wristband.

ID107 Smartwatch Wristband is compatible with Android as well as iOS. If you have got an Android Device running Android 4.4 or later version or iOS device running iOS 7.1 or newer version, it can be paired. It is water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about sweat during exercise or rain if you caught suddenly. ID107 is very light weight (22 grams), so your hand won’t even feel that you have worn something.

This Smartwatch Wristband features Bluetooth 4.0, so you need to make sure your Smartphone also features Bluetooth 4.0 or later version, else it cannot be paired. This version of bluetooth will help in faster connectivity.

These are the Key Features of ID107 Smartwatch Wristband

  • Heart Rate Monitor helps to measure Heart Rate, and provides feedback
  • Pedometer tells how many steps you walked
  • It monitors your exercise and provide feedback (Calorie Burnet, Target Achievement etc.)
  • Sedentary Alert advices to walk or do something when sitting for a longer period
  • Anti Lost feature sends alert when the Smartwatch/Smartphone goes beyond a certain distance
  • Remote Camera feature allows to control camera from your Wristband
  • Call Reminder feature sends alert to Smartwatch of all incoming calls
  • Custom Alarm Alert and Water Resistant

ID107 Smartwatch Wristband comes with OLED Touch Screen Display, Bluetooth 4.0, 70 mAh battery etc.. You can choose to purchase it in Black, Blue, Green ,Orange or Purple color.

Pricing and Availability

ID107 Smartwatch Wristband costs $17.59 only.

You can order this Wristband from GearBest.

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