How to Draw on Mac’s Screen (Screen Annotation App)?

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There are many ways to draw within an app. If you want to publish an article on your blog with images, you can simply take a screenshot of the item you want to explain and draw anywhere you like using the default preview app. However, if you are recording screen or making a video and you want to highlight an area, then it’s not possible on macOS. You will have to take help of a third party application.

draw anywhere on screen

Draw on My Screen EZ (Free App For macOS)

Draw on My Screen EZ application by Stony Labs LLC is a very useful application that can help to draw anywhere on the screen regardless of what app you are using. It’s a Simple and light-weight application. You won’t even see a window of the application when it is launched. So let’s know how it’s done.

How to Draw on Mac’s Screen

  • Download this free application from the app store
  • Once downloaded, launch the app, but remember that it will not show any app window. You will just be able to see the app icon in the Doc with a black dot in it
  • Hold cmd+alt key and move the mouse pointer on the screen to draw. To clear screen, just press the cmd+ctrl key.

There is another great use of this app. Just think of a situation when you have something to do in few mins exactly and you are working on the computer. You can simply write a short line on screen by drawing and then keep doing what you were doing. That drawing will remain there without interrupting your work. As this is on the screen in front of, so it will keep reminding you.