How do you pronounce a Name; English, Spanish, French and so on..

How do You Pronounce a Spanish Name, English Name or any other?

This question sounds awful, but tell me honestly how do you pronounce a new name? It doesn’t matter you are American, British, Indian, French or from anywhere in the world, pronouncing a name is not as easy as we think. Reading a paragraph written in any language or a language can be learnt by practice, but this is not the case with name. If you pronounce someone’s name incorrectly, he/she may take it otherwise and the conversation can go in the wrong direction.

I used to work in a call center, and I have faced such issues many times. So I thought of writing an article that could be helpful for anyone doing such jobs or even for general people. Now the question is how will you learn it? It’s something you need to memorize, and every time you find a new name or noun, you need to learn its pronunciation and memorize. There is no shortcuts.

It’s time to use internet in productive way, and you will not learn how to pronounce a name, but also many other things. There are so many websites that teaches pronunciation, and you can learn from there for free. Here are some websites where you can learn how to pronounce a name or anything else you want to.

If you are an American or British, how do you pronounce this Thérèse”. It’s a French name. Well, we should learn, shouldn’t we? Let’s do it.

How do you pronounce Spanish English or any name

Pronounce Names (

How do you pronounce a French Name, Italian Name or English names? Well, this site is very useful if you are looking for pronunciation of European, Chinese, Spanish or American names. You can simply type name and search. It also shows whether it’s a French Name, Italian Name and so on… However, it’s not all in one solution. It doesn’t have pronunciations for all European names, like German Name, Polish Name etc., but this site shows the most accurate pronunciation.

Where it fails take help from some other sites that are as follows;

Pronounce an Indian, Pakistani or Bengali Name (

How do you pronounce an Indian, Bengali or Pakistani name? You can learn it from here. Type any name, search it and listen to the pronunciation. Practice it until you pronounce it correctly. Practice makes a man perfect, even woman. Just Kidding!

How do you Pronounce German Name

You can visit this site; It has a collection of German names with pronunciation. It has been categorized in alphabetic manner.

Keep these sites in your mind, save or note them. You may need to check names’ pronunciation anytime, and it may be very useful when you are traveling.

If you know some more sites that tells how to pronounce a name, please comment below, but make sure it’s free site, and doesn’t involve any costs or additional terms of use.

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