When you purchase GoDaddy Hosting account, you get some space to create email addresses based on your website url or domain name. For example: we hosted techgrapple.com, so we can create some email addresses that will be as [email protected]We will discuss about GoDaddy Email login options, setup and configuration.

GoDaddy Email / WorkSpace Email Setup

First of all, you need to sign in to your GoDaddy account and setup email account. Once you are logged in, click on + sign beside Workspace Email, Click on Setup, Select Account Type and Region, and hit Setup. Wait until it finishes.

Once you setup GoDaddy Email, when you login next time and click on + Sign beside Workspace Email, it will show the setup you made, and there will be a manage button that you need to click on OR you can click on manage without clicking on + Sign.

GoDaddy Email workspace login

Once you click on manage, you will get the option to create new emails or manage existing one. Click on Create to create a GoDaddy Email account or click on Create Many to create multiple GoDaddy Email account.

How to create GoDaddy email new accountYou will get a popup window once click on Create. Now put the desired user name in email address box, and all the domain names will come automatically, select any. For example : If I have 3 domain name with GoDaddy account: techgrapple.com, abc.com and xyz.com, and I type the user name as zoheb@, all three domain name will appear automatically, and you can select one. So I can create email as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or whatever your domain name is.

Note : Domain name will not appear until you put @ sign after user name

Now put the password, and confirm it. Click on Show Additional Options. Here you can put any other email address if you want a copy of all incoming emails to you other email address. You also set the storage limit for each specific email account. Now you are done.

GoDaddy Email Login Options

To login to your Workspace email account, you can follow any of these options;

Option 1 : Login to your GoDaddy hosting account, and you will get the same page shown in the first screenshot of this article. Click on Webmail Login under Workspace Email, and login with your username and password. 

Option 2 (login without ID and Password) : Follow Step Number One, but click on Manage that is located beside Webmail Login. Now click on the arrow sign, and then click on Launch (check screenshot below). Your email account will open in new window.

GoDaddy Email Login without password

Option 3 : Visit this URL https://login.secureserver.net/?app=wbe, and login with your email address and password.

Number 4 : Configure email account on your Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry devices, or even on desktop email clients, like Apple Mail or Outlook.

Configure GoDaddy Email on smartphone and computerGoDaddy Email Login Configure

To configure GoDaddy email account to sync with your device follow Step Number 2, but don’t click on arrow sign to login. At the right side on the scree, you will get one option as Email Anywhere/Anytime, click on the icon there. Select your device, and follow the instruction to configure GoDaddy Email on your smartphones, tablets or desktop email clients.

Here is the manual POP 3 configuration for GoDaddy Email that will work on all the devices

Select POP 3 if your device asks for it

incoming mail server : pop.secureserver.net

User Name : type email address that you created ([email protected]), e.g. [email protected]

Password : the one you entered while creating your email account

Port for incoming mail server : 110 (enter only when asked, else skip)

Outgoing mail server : smtp.secureserver.net

UserName and Password : Email Address and Password (enter if asked)

Port for outgoing mail server : 80

Security Type : None

I hope this article will help you in configuration and GoDaddy Email Login. If you face any issue, please comment below, and we will try our best to find you a solution.

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